XFlow on Rescale’s Cloud Simulation & CAESES Experience Day in Stuttgart

The XFlow User Conference is over. MantiumCAE showed a well received presentation about cylinder head flows, DRS rear wing and flying cars.
The material from the conference should get uploaded soon to the conference homepage.
So far one very interesting and spectacular video has been made available:

Please take notice that everything seen here is happening inside of XFlow, once more showcasing the power of moving geometries together with the integrated body dynamics solver.

For anyone interested in running large scale CFD simulations there will be a webinar on how to use XFlow on the Rescale Cloud platform next Tuesday:

Accelerate XFlow Analyses on Rescale’s Cloud Simulation Platform


Another very interesting event will be the CAESES Experience Day Stuttgart on the 22. of October:

CAESES Experience Day Stuttgart

For more info on CAESES, please visit their homepage. There is even a free version of CAESES available!

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