CAESES – Software for CFD Simulation Engineers

Are you using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to design flow-exposed products or components? Is the fluid dynamic behavior of your design critical for realizing the performance requirements?

If your answer is yes, then CAESES ® (formerly known as FRIENDSHIP-Framework) could be the perfect solution for you.

CAESES  ® stands for “CAE system empowering simulation” and its ultimate goal is to enable engineers to design optimal products.

Traditional CAD systems in the market are not designed to create geometry for analysis and it is difficult to vary complex shapes automatically. With CAESES® in the pre-CAD stage, simulation engineers from any industry can explore a multitude of design variants. From the start, our modeling capabilities were specifically developed for simulation, especially CFD. Engineers can save weeks and months by using CAESE ® in their simulation department!

So what’s in there? CAESES  ® comes with 3 components in a single & unified graphical user interface:


Upfront CAD

Parametrized rear wing

Parametrized rear wing

How to create a smart design variant of a product? For this purpose, utilize CAESES ® as your primary CAD software, or use it in a collaborative and integrated way with your traditional design and production CAD.

  • Create more intelligent 3D geometries, having in mind the creation of design variants
  • Smarter shape controls to reduce degrees of freedom (hence save simulation time)
  • Simulation-ready and 100% robust
  • One-time CFD-preprocessing work for all geometry variants
  • Import and deform existing geometries
  • Examples: Blades, volutes, ducts, diffusers, pumps, engine components, wings, ship hulls

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Upfront CFD


Parametrized rear wing created with cases with stream lines


Connect your CFD package in just a few minutes to the environment of CAESES ® to analyze a new design variant with a single click. CAESES® integrates with most of the leading commercial CFD codes as well as in-house codes.

Examples for simulation tools that have been coupled to CAESES ® are XFlow, STAR-CCM+, ANSYS Fluent/CFX, NUMECA products, OpenFOAM, SHIPFLOW, to name a few.

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Upfront Optimization

Plot Cd - Cl - rear wing

Trade-off Cd – Cl rear wing

This is why CAESES ® was finally developed for you! Directly explore your product behavior by using the intelligent variable geometry and your CFD connection. CAESES ® comes with a set of ready-to-go variation and optimization strategies that allow you to run automated studies – again, with just a single click!

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