Crowd Dynamics is an important safety topic

A few cases from recent history:

  • 1985 – 39 casualties, Heysel stadium
  • 1990 – 1426 casualties, Mecca
  • 2017 – 1672 injured, Torino

But it is also a phenomenon to be considered for

  • the design of public spaces and buildings
  • the improvement of the services
  • the assessment of commercial spaces


can simulate individual infections based on people distance and exposure time as well as infective objects or surfaces, calculating infection rates over time.

The SIMUGENS functions for infection simulation include:

– immune and infected people
– infection%
– exposure time and distance
– infected objects and areas

A SIMUGENS-INFECTION analysis is completed by a written report collecting the following information
– Input and assumptions
– Model description
– Validation (if included)
– Simulation results
Baseline situation(s)
Alternative situation(s)
– Conclusions and recommendations

The SIMUGENS-INFECTIONS documentation is also completed by an animation of the case considered in the baseline and alternative situation(s)

Study of possible infection dynamics in a supermarket, under different infection and access conditions.

A Supermarket has been modeled with all possible customer paths.

A series of simulations has been carried out to evaluate the effect of potential infected individuals on the other customers with
– normal access, normal conditions
– normal access, peak hour
– 50 pp/h access level
– 100 pp/h access
– 150 pp/h access

Results have shown a possible maximum access level, compatible with ~0 infection in the store

For more info about SIMUGENS INFECTIONS: