MantiumRAY scores first victory in KVRC thanks to XFlow

Good news everybody:

MantiumRAY won the fourth round of the KVRC Challenge! Results can be found here.


MantiumRacer in XFlow

This time XFlow was used for most of the development. XFlow proved to be very useful as using old results for initialization and the almost non-existent meshing time (in the range of two minutes) helped to quickly run simulations. As XFlow also comes with post-processing capabilities, visualizing the results was easy and quick. Because only limited time was available due to other projects these strengths proved to be very valuable and lead to this victory.

But technical aspects aside, the car was so happy about its first victory it made a back-flip using XFlow’s body dynamics solver:


MantiumRacer performing a back-flip

MantiumCAE will be presenting more about this and other simulations related to motorsports during the XFlow User Conference in Madrid.


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