MantiumFlow Demo Version updated to OF 6.0 and 1806

The MantiumFlow Demo Version has received a number of updates:

  • New color maps
  • Now supports OF 6.0 and 1806
  • Two new tutorials:
  • Many bug-fixes

Previosly MantiumFlow only supported the standard rainbow color map found in most cfd simulation solutions. Some people claim that this is not the best color map for certain reasons, on the other hand it sure is very intuitive, so it has and will keep its place in the CFD world. MantiumFlow users have requested additional color maps and they are now available:

  • Blue-Black color map cfd simulation shark
    Blue-Black color map

People around the world are now testing and using MantiumFlow. MantiumFlow should make everyones CFD life much easier, as it completely automates the whole workflow starting from pre-processing and ending with fully automatic post-processing. The demo version of can be downloaded here. If you are missing feature or two, please get in touch with us.

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