KVRC – MantiumRacer for Monaco

With the KVRC Monaco race coming up, we present the new MantiumRacer.

Unfortunately it has not seen the Mantium treatment yet. So the car has now mainly been developed using conventional methods.
The car will get much closer to the podium but will probably, at best, reach the third position.


MantiumRacer for Monaco.


MantiumRacer for Monaco seen from behind

Some parts are carry-over from the first race. Many others have been redesigned. On the first car the considered options for the cooling outlets were above the floor or behind the rear wheels integrated with the fender. Both affected downforce negatively but shifted the lift balance in a favorable way. Now the cooling outlet is integrated behind the drive train together with the main body. This showed to be aero-neutral. Also the exhaust was integrated into the newly designed diffuser. Having the exhaust here gives some gains in downforce. Other positions resulted in detrimental downforce values. Also the front has been redesigned with a low nose and a larger three element front wing. Shifting the side-mirrors further outward resulted into significant gains in downforce and lift balance. After the large front wing the air has quite some trouble to reattach to the car and create a nice clean air flow to the rear wing. Having the side mirrors in this area did not help too much, so now they are located in a less critical position.

As first optimization work has been carried out though, some results of the rear wing will be shown. Below are results from optimizing the rear wing profile. As the base design of this wing profile was already so good the downforce coefficient could not be improved any further. There are some designs with a better efficiency at lower downforce values. These wing profiles might come in handy at later races which require less downforce but more aerodynamic efficiency.


Cd over Cl for the rear wing profile.


You can follow further discussions about the challenge on f1techical.net.

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