1. DrivAER_Estate
  2. MantiumWFlow V0.9
Geometry Overview

This is an example of MantiumWFlow, a tool designed to streamline any CFD process.
MantiumWFlow sets up CFD simulations completely automated.
The philosophy is: CAD In -> Report Out.
The user more or less only has to add CAD data into specific folders with names like "frt_wheels", "rr_wheels", "vehicle_body", "high_resolution_geo" etc.
The CFD simulation is subsequently set up, run and post-processed by MantiumWFlow.
The user receives an html report similar to this one.
This is the report of a DrivAER model run on on teideHPC with 40 million cells.

Integrated Force Coefficients
Cd Cl Cl_front Cl_rear Cd*A Cl*A Cl_front*A Cl_rear*A
0.345 -0.123 -0.119 -0.00412 0.74 -0.263 -0.254 -0.00882

The DriveAER model is supplied by Institute of Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics of the TU Munich.
This simulation was supported by teideHPC.teideHPC

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